AZOTER Oponice 2023 (2)

Exhibition Dni poľa Oponice 2023

This year we participated in the Agricultural Exhibition All-Slovak Field Days 2023, which was held this year in Oponice, where we could present our AZOTER® products. Despite the rainy weather, we spent pleasant moments with our clients and we look forward to further personal meetings.   Team AZOTER GALLERY

Verification of the effectiveness of AZORHIZ + F inoculant fertilizer and AZOTER L foliar fertilizer in soybean crop – report on results observed in the pilot experiment from 2022

Evaluating the effect of soil treated with soil adjuvant (PPL) in the form of concentrated biological Azoter SC fertilizer (including fungal biocontrol agent Coniothyrum minitans) with a separate F additive (soil fungus Trichoderma atroviride) in the cultivation technology of winter oilseed rape