AZOTER is particularly well-suited in soils with humus content above 1% and a pH within 5.0 – 8.5. Application in medium-heavy soils is the best option. The application of AZOTER in extremely light sandy soils or highly acidic soils is not recommended.

Specification of applications

AZOTER® bio-fertiliser is applied before sowing. Optimum application is 10 to 14 days before sowing. In the agricultural primary production, application is just before sowing, or crop planting or directly during sowing with immediate incorporation into the soil profile, to ensure the microbes are not exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time.

a) Spray applications:

The product is sprayed directly on the surface of the soil. Dilute the product with water in a ratio of 1:30 – 1:50 l depending on the spray equipment, and then incorporate into the soil using a harrow, compactor or cultivator, given that long-term exposure to intensive UV light has a negative impact on bacteria vitality. The product mixes will and may be mixed and applied together with pre-emergence herbicides.Joint application with weak solutions of mineral fertilisers is also possible. Do not mix with concentrated liquid fertilisers (e.g. DAM 390). Working pressure should not exceed 2.5 atm. The recommended dose is 10 l per hectare (at least 150 l of prepared solution per hectare) and the declared values deliver the specified effect, which permits a significant reduction of the dosing of conventional industrial fertilisers.

b) Application with applicators:
  • AZOTER may also be applied using application equipment installed on planting equipment that secures the immediate and direct application of AZOTER into the soil profile, while reducing application costs and simplifying the overall work process; the bio-fertiliser is applied using applicators and a 200 to 400 litre tank rigidly mounted on the equipment in use (compactor, harrow, cultivator) with adjustable reach depending on the width of the equipment in use. This applicator is equipped with its own controller and electric motor powered from the tractor’s battery. AZOTER concentrate or a solution thinned at a ratio of 1:1 with water may be filled into the tank.
  • The product may also be applied using applicators with 400 and 600 litre tanks with adjustable reach of up to 10 m located on the front three-point hitch of the tractor (it is not necessary to attach the front PTO as the applicator is equipped with its own controller and electric motor powered from the tractor’s battery). The applicator tank is filled with AZOTER concentrate or a solution thinned at a ratio of 1:1 with water.
Work safety, health protection and environmental protection regulations

AZOTER is inert from a toxicological perspective and is not an environmental hazard. Handling the preparation does not require any special measures in terms of health or environmental protection. Once work with the product is complete, simply wash with soap and hot water.

Delivery of the preparation and packaging

AZOTER is delivered in 20 l, 25 l, 30 l, 50 l, 60 l HDPE and 1000 l IBC returnable and labelled containers. The preparation must be stored in dry, cool and ventilated areas, separate from feed, food, medicine and packaging from these substances. Ensure the storage area is kept at a temperature of 5 °C or below for long-term storage in excess of 2 months.


at a temperature of up to 5°C

at a temperature of up to 15°C

2 months from the date of production

3 weeks from the date of production

Under current legislation, AZOTER, AZOTER SC, AZOTER F, AZOTER B, and AZORHIZ bio-fertilisers are in the category of soil conditioners.
AZOTER is approved for use in organic farming and is registered with BIOKONTROLL, an international organic inspection and certification body.
Reg. No: 02.5/710/7/2009/
Council Regulation (EC) No: 834/2007 and CR No: 889/2008 (EC) Annex I.



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