AZOTER® products have been a pioneer on the market of bacterial biofertilizers since 1995. Since that time, their large-scale use in agricultural production since 1995. We have many years of experience in plant nutrition and soil quality improvement.

The main idea of ​​the development and production of AZOTER® bacterial biofertilizers is, for more than a quarter of a century, to bring innovations in efficient and sustainable fertilization and thus achieve the economic effect of reducing costs in agricultural production. The principle of progress is the binding of atmospheric nitrogen and the release of unused, sparingly soluble phosphates into the soil.

Today, only few people doubt about the effectiveness of AZOTER® bacterial fertilizers, and its satisfied users are now farmers in more than a dozen countries. Our own production and production and development team are a guarantee of the high quality of our products. Our many years of efforts in the development of new technologies in the field of special selection of individual bacterial cultures and the acquisition of their highest vitality and virulence leads to the satisfaction of our customers.

The products of our company are characterized by high quality and environmentally friendly features. Each product has a certificate and is included to the products that can be used in organic farming. Bacterial strains are patented and kept in the collection of microorganisms at Masaryk University in Brno. The employees of AZOTER Trading s.r.o. worked closely with researchers from foreign and domestic institutions and universities on the development and research of bacterial preparations. Individual bacterial cultures passed a special selection that achieved the highest vitality and virulence.

The main goal of AZOTER Trading s.r.o. is to increase soil fertility through quality products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and to help increase the efficiency of cultivated crops, at the favorable economic effect of reducing the cost of industrial fertilizers.

Besides ensuring quality products and precise logistics, AZOTER Trading s.r.o. provides its customers and partners with consulting services in ​​nutrition and fertilization of agricultural crops based on soil and plant sampling. Based on the obtained agrochemical analyzes and results, company develops recommendations and methodologies for optimizing the nutrition of cultivated crops in accordance with the applicable legislative standards for sustainable agriculture regarding the increase of soil fertility and restoring microbial life in the soil.

Our company deals intensively not only in terms of restoring the microbial life of soils, which has significantly decreased due to the narrowing of the rotation of cultivated crops, but also with the issue of strengthening the natural protection of cultivated crops. In addition to the already mentioned positive sites of AZOTER® application in plant nutrition and its positive effect on soil fertility, its other side is also significant. It´s namely its use in biological soil regeneration and improving the condition of cultivated crops. Its result can be observed in better plant resilience and improved quality of final production. For this purpose, the company has developed the product AZOTER SC.

In cultivation of many field crops, fusarium is one of the most important pathogens, which is important from an economic point of view, but also from the point of view of food security. The company’s employees have been intensively working on the possibilities of naturally strengthening the defense mechanism and the condition of cultivated crops against the mentioned disease. The result of their activity was the enrichment of the original AZOTER® bacterial biofertilizer with the parasitic fungus Trichoderma atroviride, which improves the natural abilities of the soil, and it is found under the name AZOTER F.

AZOTER Trading s.r.o. also deals with foliar nutrition – a segment that provides a comprehensive solution by supplying macro and micronutrients for cultivated agricultural crops. After three years of  operational experiments and experiments on the small plots, the company came to the market with a unique product designed for foliar nutrition of field and garden crops – AZOTER L bacterial fertilizer.

Our company keeps developing and improving products, which results in several new or improved fertilizers based on the AZOTER® brand.

Currently, our production company sells AZOTER® products directly or through a sales representative in almost 20 countries:

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