Application of AZOTER® in sugar beet cultivation in 2021

As part of the implemented multi-year cooperation project of agricultural enterprises of the „Vysokomýtská synklinála” operational group with research on the implementation of a whole range of innovations in soil protection procedures for plant production, the possibility of reducing the need for mineral nitrogen fertilizers in the cultivation of sugar beet was verified.

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Verification of the effectiveness of AZOTER B+F soil bacteria fertilizer in the plant stand of maize for silage in the soil and climatic conditions of The Bohemian-Moravian Highlands

Report of results from semi-operational experiments from 2021 from soil treated with soil adjuvant (PPL) in the form of concentrated AZOTER B bacteria fertilizer (containing Pseudomonas putida bacteria) with separate additive F (Trichoderma atroviride parasitic fungus) for application of digestate from biogas plant in maize silage cultivation technology

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AZOTER Trading s.r.o.

The main goal of AZOTER Trading s.r.o. is to increase soil fertility through quality products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and to help increase the efficiency of cultivated crops, at the favorable economic effect of reducing the cost of industrial fertilizers.

Besides ensuring quality products and precise logistics, AZOTER Trading s.r.o. provides its customers and partners with consulting services in ​​nutrition and fertilization of agricultural crops based on soil and plant sampling. Based on the obtained agrochemical analyzes and results, company develops recommendations and methodologies for optimizing the nutrition of cultivated crops in accordance with the applicable legislative standards for sustainable agriculture regarding the increase of soil fertility and restoring microbial life in the soil.

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