As part of the implemented multi-year cooperation project of agricultural enterprises of the „Vysokomýtská synklinála” operational group with research on the implementation of a whole range of innovations in soil protection procedures for plant production, the possibility of reducing the need for mineral nitrogen fertilizers in the cultivation of sugar beet was verified.

An experiment on sugar beet with Azoter was established ot the company ZD Dolní Újezd . A total of three variants were proposed:

1. control with standard application of NPK fertilizers,

2. standard application of NPK fertilizers and subsequent application of the verified product Azoter F,

3. application of a separate product Azoter F without application of NPK fertilizers).

On the trial plot, the legume-cereal mixture was the pre-crop. In autumn, manure was still applied in a dose of 40 t/ha and then ploughed. In the spring (2021), NPK fertilizer was applied to plots 1 and 2, and Azoter F was applied to plots 2 and 3, which was then incorporated with a compactor.

During the season, plant samples were taken and continuously evaluated. In October, the experiment was harvested in individual plots and the tuber yield was weighed and converted to yield per hectare.

The results showed us that it is possible to replace the input or at least reduce the dose of mineral fertilizers and even help to achieve higher yields using Azoter bacterial preparations.

Date Treatment Weight
tuber (kg/ks)
Sugar content (%)
4. 8. 2021 Control – NPK 0,54 11,0
NPK + Azoter F 0,54 11,2
Azoter F 0,48 12,8
6. 9. 2021 Control – NPK 0,94 14,8
NPK + Azoter F 1,01 15,1
Azoter F 0,97 15,3
11.10. 2021 Control – NPK 1,30 19,0
NPK + Azoter F 1,68 18,0
Azoter F 1,33 19,0


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We thank Agroeko Žamberk s.r.o. for providing the results. and the Vysokomytská synklinála project.

The entire article was published in the magazine Úroda no. 3/2022.

The contribution was made with the support of the Rural Development Program, operation 16.1.1 Support of operational groups and EIP projects, in the Cooperation project “Soil protection technologies in the area of the Vysokomýtská synklinála”, No. 17/005/1611a/453/000107.

Ing. Jiří Suchodol, sales representative of the company AZOTER Trading s.r.o.